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Why so serious... Its only a game.

« on: April 25, 2014, 07:13:12 PM »

Taki mały poradnik znaleziony na forum jednego z kinów. Poczytać, zastosować się - powinno się przyjemniej grać.

Graphics, Lag, and your sanity
This is not really a 'class' post, however a few tweaks that will make your raids more tolerable.  I am gonna try and go from memory, so if I point you to the wrong place, you can always 'search' for the option in the options menu.

Floaty damage.  We all love seeing our numbers fly by, however our graphics cards don't like it much.  When I am in the world, I have it on, however in a raid it's a resource hog.  Even in the world I turn most off.

Options>UI Settings>Floaty stuffs.  Turn off floating XP, rep, and everything except this.  'My floaty damage' and 'floaty damage'.  This will turn off all monster stuffs, and show only your damage and heals.  Unclick when in a raid.

Graphics>Advanced>Post Processing.  OFF OFF ALWAYS OFF OFF

Draw distance>Medium  Unless in the moors then it should be high.  Have to see those creeps coming.

Show Only Dispellable effects checked

Show only effects by you checked. 

Uncheck avatar and combat hit effects.  Now this one is a tad tricky.  As a gambler burg, I need to see what the dice roll as.  If it rolls a 1 then I know I need to pop my skill that upgrades the gamble.  if it's a 6, then I know not to until I strip off the gamble and re roll.  /shrugs  If this is the case, just check 'combat hit effects' and the dice will show up, leave avatar effects unchecked.

Model detail >Medium

Uncheck Spectacular lighting.

Change antialiasking down a notch or 2

Texture detail low

Up the cache buffer a tad, and move down 'player crowd quality' to almost nothing.  Trust me, you'll not notice much

now under 'trouble shooting' change max fps  from max to 40 or so.  Change graphics engine speed from ultra high to high or medium.  This prevents the engine from choking your video card with a stream of data it can't handle.  The card ignores data overload, and to much will cause major lag since the card has to 'skip' to the next spot in the data stream.

You can play and tweak these settings until you get a balance of pretty and speed.  They take effect in real time, so you can see right away if something is to low, or to ugly for you.  Do NOT rely on 'auto detect' since it uses the CURRENT state of the world.  Like standing in Bree, and does not take into account a 12 man raid.

If you are still laggy, mute in game sounds.  yes, sounds.

Remember, you can always undo things, and you can't really break nothing.  So play with these settings, and your lagging days in raids shall be far less.

If I can get this POS to run lag free, then I've faith you can get your machine to do the same. :D

happy hunting,
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