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Z ciekawszych zmian:

Carvings-  class item
Light oil i fire oil-30 lvl, do wszystkich javelin skills, z wyłączeniem ambush.
Shield spikes- 20lvl
5-częściowe gambity otworzą się na 40 lvl.

Pełna lista zmian:

New Warden characters will now begin with a small round shield.

New Warden item recipes have arrived! Woodworkers can now craft carvings, which Wardens can equip in their class item slots to decrease the power cost of their gambits.

Recipes up to and including the Master Woodworking tier can be purchased from Warden trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Woodworker NPCs.

More advanced recipes can be found in treasure!

Gambits should no longer fail with "You cannot harm yourself." messages when executing gambits quickly after queuing the last required skill to perform the gambit.
Items: Two Rift shields have been updated for Wardens: "Warden's War Shield" was not correctly set as a Warden's Shield. "Beleaguer" was not set as unique.

Way of the Spear 2 trait set bonus now correctly displays the reduction to Spear Gambit Power Costs.

Surety of Death Damage legacy has had its tooltip updated to reflect that this legacy only benefits the Damage Over Time effect applied by the 'Surety of Death' gambit.

Boar's Rush Critical Multiplier legacy has had its name changed to Boar's Rush Critical Rating as this legacy increases your critical chances not critical damage.

Stance skills (Determination, Conservation, Recklessness, and The Way of the Warden) have been split off into their own category on the Character Journal - Skills tab. The descriptions for these skills have been updated to indicate that only one of them can be active at a time.

Warden gambits that have increased threat over time now indicate in their tooltip the relative strength of the effect.

Warden's Taunt should now be more responsive after executing a weapon based attack skill.

Wardens will now gain their 5th gambit box at level 40. This is to accommodate early completion of the Legendary trait that grants Defiant Challenge.

All Gambits will now use the damage type of the Warden's main hand weapon or javelin.

Gambits that end with a Spear icon will no longer have the small delay between finishing the last Quick Thrust and being able to execute the Gambit.

Gambits that are successful, i.e. they hit or were not resisted, will now always apply any bonus threat effects. Previously the threat effects had a separate chance to be resisted.

Warden Gambit Conviction no longer does main hand weapon damage. It will now also heal escorted NPC's as well as all Fellowship members.

The 4/6 bonus for the Warden Townsaver armour (Rift) now correctly reduces the power cost of Resolution.

The movement speed decrease from the skill Hampering Javelin will no longer stack with other movement speed decreasing effects.

Gambit Brink of Victory no longer requires a main hand weapon equipped.

Gambit Surety of Death is no longer disabled by Silence.

Trait Ward of Justice no longer increases the Block and Evade bonuses for the Conservation Stance. Ward of Justice only affects Gambit defensive bonuses.

Wardens can now use Shield Spikes starting at level 20. Shield Spikes affect the following Warden skills/gambits: Shield Bash, Safeguard, and Boar's Rush.

Wardens can now use Light and Fire Oils starting at level 30. These Oils affect all Warden Javelin skills except for Ambush.

Warden trainers now function as vendors. They sell low tier Oils, Shield Spikes, and Carvings as well as the recipes to make them.

Gambits Onslaught and Wall of Steel were doing extra damage on critical and devastating hits with their third attack. They have now been brought in line with all other normal melee attacks.

Temat na, jak wiemy amerykanie mają dostęp do serwera z betą book'a 7...

Dev chat

*Gurobin* The guardian is one of my favourite classes in the game, but at the moment he´s really useless during the fight in the vile maw. Will the guardian be able to better fulfill his role with the new raid instance with book7?

<Rowan> There are two pieces to that... first, I think with Book 7 that you'll find Guardian ability to hold threat has greatly increased. In addition, the new Lair Raid for Book 7 will be much easier if you have tanks who know how to work together.

Szansa że warden będzie bardziej przydatny w nowej instancji jako OT.

Póki co tylko jeden interesujący screen ;)

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