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zarejestrowalem sie i wklejam patch notes
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Preliminary Patch Notes for August 19th Patch

**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Removed the Miss Chance from Shield of the Risen.
* You will no longer be zoned after speaking to a Feat Fixer.
* Several combat related animation issues - such as sheathing and unsheathing spears, holding swords - have been tweaked.
* Added a male animation for the dance_sexy_f emote, and renamed it to dance_sexy.
* Many typos corrected in quests and dialog.

MAGE (General)
* Dark Meditation will now properly expire.
* Dark Meditation should now be removed from the spell list after untraining feats.
* The description for the general feat Purge no longer refers to multiple targets.
* The feat "Purge" has been renamed to "Spell - Purge".
* Mirrored Iron's proc, Set's Shield, now hits using the correct damage type based on the Magic Rating buff running.
* Mirrored Iron's proc, Set's Shield, has had its damage readjusted to the proper amount.

ROGUE (General)
* Ambush ability will no longer increase the damage of the next strike.
* Mountaineer feat's decrease to the duration of the Bruised Body debuff has been changed from 50%/100% to 45%/90% per respective rank.
* Mountaineer feat's decrease to the duration of the Broken Bones debuff has been changed from 25%/50% to 30%/60% per respective rank.
* Quick Dismount will not go on cooldown unless you are mounted.
* Cheat the Reaper will now work 25%/50% of the time per respective feat point spent.
* Cheat the Reaper can now only activate once every 5 minutes.

SOLDIER (General)
* Brutal Enraging Wound and Enraging Wound will now always tick 3 times.
* Brutal Enraging Wound now displays the proper damage over time value in the combo tool tip.

*Grim Corruption I's debuff will now stack with the other Grim Corruption debuffs.
*Grim Corruption will now debuff Unholy and Poison Invulnerabilities by 5% at each rank.

* All the Savage Rage combos now use the same animation as Savage Rage IV.
* Impale's cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds.
* Impale's bonus damage will now scale consistently with feat points invested.

Bear Shaman
* Aspects - Blood Fever, Skulk, and Untamed Regeneration will no longer be removed after zoning.
* Claws of Life will no longer be removed after zoning.
* Spirits of the Debased proc buff now uses the proper icon in the buff GUI.
* Spirit Totem: Profane will now always give Unholy Invulnerabilities with each rank of Spirits of the Debased trained.

* Conquest's bonus to One-Handed weapon damage has been increased across all ranks.
* Deep Wounds will now stack properly.
* Deep Wounds' proc rate has been slightly increased.
* Deep Wounds now displays a stack count in the target's debuff GUI.
* Deep Wounds' DPS has been increased slightly.
* Feint Attack I will no longer scale past Feint Attack II at any level.
* Frostbite will now debuff magical damage in addition to melee damage.
* Frostbite will now have an additional larger debuff component versus PvP targets on top of the normal debuff.
* Frostbite's chance to apply off of a Hoarfrost proc has been doubled.
* Hail of Furious Strikes II will no longer scale past Hail of Furious Strikes III at any level.
* Lacerate will now proc off all non-unarmed melee attacks.
* Lacerate's proc rate has been slightly increased.
* Lacerate now displays a stack count in the target's debuff GUI.
* Lacerate's DPS has been increased slightly.
* Lingering Wrath's damage has been slightly reduced.
* Lingering Wrath will now always tick 5 times.
* Offhand Precision's bonus has been doubled at all ranks. It will now increase Offhand Chance by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% per respective rank.
* Rend Flesh's duration has been increased to 15 seconds. The cooldown has also been increased to 1 minute.
* Rend Flesh's damage over time effect will now last 5 seconds.
* Rend Flesh now displays a stack count in the target's debudff GUI.
* Rend Flesh's damage over time effect will now scale better with more feat points invested.
* Improved Rend's direct damage hit will now scale better with more feat points invested.
* Two-Handed Master's bonus to Two-Handed weapon damage will now scale more consistently.

Dark Templar
* The name of the feat "Spell - Dooming Presence" has been changed to "Combo - Dooming Presence", since it actually does grant a combo and not a spell.
* Pact of Malacodor should now be removed from the spellbook after untraining feats.
* Reaper of Malacodor should now be removed from the spellbook after untraining feats.
* Covenant of Arms will no longer be removed after zoning if you have the appropriate feat.

* Chaotic Blast's damage component can now perform critical hits.
* Demonic War will no longer be removed when zoning.

* Guard I will no longer scale past Guard II at any level.
* Lowered the damage of Stagger I slightly.
* Increased the damage of Stagger II slightly.

Herald of Xotli
* Undying Glory of Xotli should no longer be removed when zoning.
* Fixed a tool tip issue causing the wrong information to be displayed in the Burning Words feat.

* Despoil the Soul will now show the proper duration when viewing the tool tip of the spell.
* Despoil the Soul duration has been increased to 1 hour.
* Spellweaving buff 'Death God' duration has been reduced to 20 seconds.
* The cabal debuff will now use the proper icon in the target's debuff window.

* Incapacitating Stabs I will never scale past Incapacitating Stabs II at all levels.
* Marked Target will now stack properly when 2 points are invested in the feat.
* Piercing Stance, Shattering Stance, Sniper Stance, and Fire Stance will no longer be removed when zoning if the appropriate feat is trained.
* Shattering Shots will now properly remove the directional shielding in the target GUI.

Tempest of Set
* Lightning Cast will now properly put Lightning Strike on a 5 second cooldown.
* A book in your offhand will no longer spin during attack animations.

* The attack at the end of a charge can no longer be aborted.
* Transitions between 2H-attacks for male & female characters should feel smoother.
* The male UP-attack animation for staves should now work correctly.

* Descriptions for Bandaging, Fast Healing, Mana Attractor, and Fast Recovery have been tweaked to be more consistent with actual function.
* Added descriptions to a few of the more obscure potions in Hyboria.

* The Barracks in Player Cities will now spawn the correct amount of guards after being upgraded.
* Only the guild that owns the city will be able to use the NPCs inside their city.
* Renamed some player city feats to be in line with the names of the buildings.
* Barracks should now always show up in the guild feats window after being built.

* Sunsteel Half-plate Vambraces now have the proper full-plate requirement to wear, and can no longer be worn by everybody.
* Basic and Advanced Riding Training items will properly be comsumed on use.
* Pyramid of the Ancients: The essence trap can now only be used within the pyramid.

* Rhino Charge should no longer go on cooldown unless successfully activated.

* Due to popular demand, we've forced some of our female Derketo followers to burn their bras.
* Tavern patrons in the Armsmans Tavern should no longer play strange animations.
* Deli in the Pyramid of the Ancients now looks poor, and possibly insane.
* Spiders will no longer jump back several feet when getting hit.
* Travel NPCs should offer correct dialog options for travel.
* New and updated loot has been placed in the Catacombs!
* Acheronian Ruins - The Pict Bat Shrieker will now patrol with pets. If attacked, he will keep spawning pets so that he always has 3 pets with him. If he leaves combat, he and his pets will resume patrolling.
* Acheronian Ruins - - All picts now have a specified class, and fitting weapon to this class. Added more mobs.
* Conarch Village - Removed a loop from Rhiderch, and Ryarm's dialog.
* Commander Zoria's costume and weapons have been revamped.
* Kalanthes will no longer stand on chairs in his house.
* Kyllikki's Crypt - The White Hand Priests will now use their healing and damage abilities.
* Lacheish Plains - Screamer Wolf, Wailer Wolf, Baying Wolf, and Whimpering Wolf NPCs now have the proper death and attack animations.
* Oasis of Zaara - Lions are no longer easy to defeat.
* Pyramid of the Ancients - The Master Torturer will no longer spawn multiple times in a row.
* Tarantia Noble District - Lady Verde's Bodyguard now looks the same both when seen on the outside and the inside of the villa.
* Tarantia Sewers/Catacombs - Putharjath should now have more interresting abilities.
* Treasury of the Ancients - Corrected a typo in Thuthmekri's dialog.
* White Sands Isle - Asapon will now correctly spawn at all times outside the Atlantean Cave.

Massive PvP
* If the attacking guild takes over a battlekeep, any city guards that are left will now despawn.
* Players can now only spawn a ballista while the city is vulnerable to attack.
* Catapult progress bar no longer shows Trebuchet Blast.
* Once the siege battle is finished, the siege weapons and siege camps will now be properly disposed of.
* Ballista siege weapons will no longer cycle between all targets they have. They will use the last target instead, making them more useful in combat.
* If you get teleported out of a battle you will now end up in the nearest NPC village of the connecting resource and building playfield, instead of ending up in the nearest city.
* The siege camp in Burnheim which previously spawned at the wrong location will now spawn at the proper location.
* It's now possible to get a replaced siege targeting module if you lost one. Simply target the weapon and press the use button to get a replacement.
* Only the defending guild can talk to the ballista builder NPCs.
* The siege camps will now give a message when they are used when the city isn't vulnerable.
* Player city guards are now friendly to the guild that owns the city.

* Atzel's Fortress: Kidnapping & Torture - Any leftover Flasks of Oily Pitch will be removed when you complete this quest.
* Atzel's Approach: Revenge of the Ape God - This is now a group quest.
* Atzel's Approach: Power Behind the Throne - Item "Orders with the Mark of Set" no longer tells the player to right click on it to get a quest.
* Conarch Village: The Downtrodden - Croiss will no longer confuse a sword with an axe.
* Khemi: The Guardian statue will no longer send you into a dialog loop.
* Kheshatta: The Grim Grey God - You will now reset to the location where you zoned in if you log out in the instance.
* Kheshatta: The Grim Grey God - Sarcophagi and pedestals will have a progress bar when they’re being used.
* Kheshatta: Heady Kaphil Liquor - The flowers to be collected now have visual effects to help identify them.
* Kheshatta: Hunting the Waste - Weapons for this quest will now have a visual effect.
* Old Tarantia: The Aquilonian Bastard - Fixed the dialogue so that the quest resolves if and only if the player has actually told Varinia about her husband's infidelity.
* Pyramid of the Ancients - The teleport altar behind Lord Atum-Keket will now be visible at all times.
* Pyramid of the Ancients - Solving the quest "Emerald Eyes" will actually give emerald eyes to the Guardian Statue.
* Tarantia Sewers: The Orphans in the Hovel - Quest now updates for the entire party after talking to Galeria.
* Thunder River: The Kitten - The cat now correctly patrols and eventually despawns.
* Wild Lands: Old Secrets - The password has been corrected in the quest journal.

* If you go linkdead while in the middle of a random encounter at a resource node, you will now be able to log back in with time to prepare before your next random encounter.
* Fixed a small typo that occured in an onscreen message when harvesting is interrupted.
* Vendor bought resources have been reduced in price.
* Added and adjusted drop rates of leather resources to animals residing in the Resource & Building playfields.
* Droprate for all Wild Lands of Zelata animals have increased.
* Droprate of Wild Dagga has been slightly increased in the world.

* Several collision fixes in Massive PvP Battlekeep playfields.
* Corrected a few areas where players could previously get stuck in the Tarantia Noble District.
* Conalls Valley night time environment has been altered to brighten the playfield slightly.

* Cash has been removed from the levelup NPCs.
* Fixed a case when the game stopped running after restoring from minimized state.
* Some assertion failure, memory leak, and crash causes were addressed.
* Black Castle: Player zoning rotation from Khopshef Province has been fixed.
* Voiceovers should no longer continue to play when you zone into another playfield.
* Shield of the Risen no longer displays its particle effects on hidden players (unless they're on your team)
* Typing /channelname followed by a space and no other text in chat will no longer crash the client.
* You will not be charged for resetting your skills unless the skill value is >= 150
* Zoning from Black Castle to Khopshef Province will now show the Epic Mode selection box.
* Fixed an issue where single player playfields would not reset.
* The'Out Of Disk Space' error should be fixed.
* Falling very large distances will no longer make you end up standing in mid-air.
* Tortage: Fixed lighting in the Thirsty Dog Inn.

* Charge, Ursine Rush, Impale (Guardian), Stunning Charge, and Hellstep can no longer be used while Hidden.
* Melee pets will now do splash damage.
* Knockback should have a proper animation again.
* Using an ability while charging (such as Cunning Deflection) should no longer lock up your movement.
* You should no longer be able to damage or heal dead targets with spells or combos.
* Fixed a cause of sliding during combat.
* Initiating chat with an NPC while performing attacks will now stop your attack animation as intended.
* You can no longer de-apprentice while in combat.

Soldier (General)
* Spell damage will now properly trigger Cunning Deflection.

Priest of Mitra
* Armor of Faith will no longer be removed by Hand of Mitra.

* Immolation should work more consistently.

* The Combo Sequence Indicator should no longer get stuck when failing to complete a combo.
* Hide my helmet/cloak options should work again.
* Improved GUI Modifications to support the new PvP Consequence System.
* Corrected the names of some chat channels to be more accurate. Added a few new chat channels.
* The PVP XP bar can be toggled on and off. (Interface -> HUD)
* Floating healing numbers over the character's head are back.
* Fixed weird messages when teleporting in the massive PvP playfields.
* The optional GUI component Combat Rose will now react to every keypress in a fight instead of just the first one.
* Players can now use /<channelname> to talk to different channels.
* Items will no longer show +0.0 to any stats.
* A cause of flickering icons has been corrected.
* Fixed an issue with building model requirements failing when the models were stacked in your inventory.
* Crafted items will now display the "created by" name. (NOTE : This is a work in progress)

* Khopshef Province: Hamadi should now patrol correctly at all times.
* Khopshef Province: Hidden Bandits will now dual wield.
* Khopshef Province: "Fine Potions" Merchant Nekhbet is now easier to interact with.
* Some bosses were using combos they weren't supposed to. This has been fixed.

Massive PVP
* Siege Weapons should no longer fail to initialize properly.
* Ballista NPCs should always spawn when the city becomes vulnerable.
* Vendors should no longer spawn if the vulnerability window opens when the building has just finished being built.
* Members of the attacking guild should no longer get teleported out of the instance when zoning into a siege that is already in progress.
* Siege Weapons should no longer report that the target is out of range when it's not out of range. A different error message will appear if the siege weapon was unable to fire at the target for some reason.
* Massive PvP city NPCs should only be usable by the owners of the city.
* Defending players in a siege will no longer get points for character kills.
* Time left in the siege battle before it ends will now display correctly in Score window.
* If no guild applies for a battle queue before the 24h prior to the siege are over, that battle queue will be locked and no guild will be assigned the Attacker role.
* Mammoth Sweep and Rhino Sweep damage increased and changed to Siege damage to properly damage buildings.

* No PvP XP will be awarded for killing characters below level 10.
* Characters will not gain any PvP XP before they are level 10.
* Characters may achieve PvP level 5 (the second stage of PvP progression where you can lose PvP XP) at lower levels, but may not progress further until they are at least level 40.
* Trading with NPCs is no longer possible if you're a criminal.
* Trading with a criminal will inform you of the consequences and prompt you to confirm to continue.
* PvP XP updates on your gui should be more prompt and consistent.
* Grouping with a murderer in a minigame should no longer flag you as a criminal.

* Kheshatta: Wanted , The Blasphemer - Ashka should now spawn correctly.
* Khopshef Province: The Slave Rebellion - The cage key will now drop correctly.
* Khopshef Province: Blessed Caves - Anata's Key should no longer remain in the player's quest inventory.
* Khopshef Province: Trapped by Lions - We have added a few new, interesting encounters. In addition, Lisimba now moves a bit quicker. The quest is now level 21 to reflect the surrounding mobs.
* Tortage Underhalls: Players will now be able to re-enter Raboz's Cell after finishing the quest Gone with the Wine, but before starting on the quest Ruins and Demise.

* Mobs should no longer lose interest in you and reset randomly.
* The corpse of Jan Vermis will no longer teleport after he is dead.
* Destroying an urn will now make any affected NPCs hate you.
* All urns will now damage mobs.
* The Iron Bars should no longer reset after a party wipe.
* Aturballon - Flame of Acheron is no longer linked to lesser mobs.
* Demonic Concubine will no longer go invisible at times.
* Egg sacs will no longer protrude through areas they should not.
* The Stalker Queen will no longer despawn if your group wipes.

* Renamed Auras & Battle Crys, and included level up info in descriptions.

* Traders in Conarch Village and elsewhere should always be available for use.

Destiny Quest
It's no longer possible to attack other players in the House of Kalanthes.

Savant's Ancient Scripts has received a visual.

All quests for Oasis of Zaara, Imirian Ravines, and Frost Swamp (available at levels 40 and 60) should now be repeatable and functional.

Tylko ze tak jak funcom napisal nie sa to lista ktora na 100% pojawi sie w patch notesach. Milej lektory
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Nie wierze w FC i jego obietnice, niech spadają na bambus małpy łapać  packą do much.  Niechaj wojna zacznie się.

Preliminary Patch Notes for August 27th Patch
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Several client crash and assertion error causes were addressed.
* The Noble Villas have been optimized. Some players should experience a noticeable increase in performance.
* Shield of the Risen will now be given to new characters when they reach level 5.
* Facial expressions have been added to a number of emotes.
* Female characters can now use the "pointdown" emote.
* The following emotes now work for both male and female characters:
cheer, excitedclap, excited (formerly jig_f), flirt, hugefish, lightheaded, pushaway, trance.
* Players will now use the crawl animation when sprinting while swimming.

* You may now have up to two Team Heal effects (Renewal, Healing Lotus, Emanation of Life, and Martyrdom) running simultaneously.

Priest (General)
* Vindicator will now properly affect Soldiers who joined a group in Defensive Stance.

Rogue (General)
* Quick Dismount will no longer go on cooldown if used while moving.
* Quick Dismount will now work even with weapons drawn.
* Using Quick Dismount while riding a mammoth or a rhino will now result in an actual dismount, rather than just an ability cooldown

* Assassination (2) buff will now properly appear in the Buff GUI instead of the debuff GUI.
* All Assassin combo damage and stamina costs have been rebalanced to match some newly adjusted animations.
* From the Darkness and Ambush should now occur correctly, when performed from stealth.

* Cyclone of Steel II is now usable only with the correct weapon type.
* Ambidextrous will now increase off-hand chance by 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% per respective rank.

* Rend Flesh's bleed effect will now stack in the proper order.
* Changed the name of the feat 'Improved Wrath' to 'Improved Fire Weave.'
* Changed the name of the feat 'Lingering Wrath' to 'Lingering Fire Weave.'
* Changed the name of the feat 'Skirmisher' to 'Fleet of Foot.'

Dark Templar
* Invulnerable Soul now increases the amount of damage absorbed by Covenant of Invulnerability by 2/4/6/8/10 points per respective rank.

* Fires of Gehenna will now have a 1 second cooldown applied to it after using Greater Flames.
* Chaotic Blast's damage component can now perform critical hits.

* The Defiance heal effect will now use the proper icon in the buff GUI.
* Impale combo now has a squelchy fleshy sound when used.

Herald of Xotli
* Tweaked the animation played for Pillar of Infernal Flame.
* Burn to Death I, Molten Steel Slash I, Pillar of Infernal Flame I now have new icons.
* The duration of the Flame Tongue buff has been increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

* Blasphemy's cast time has been reduced to 2 seconds.
* Touch of Winter will no longer overwrite Ice Shackle's snare effect.

Priest of Mitra
* Empowered Repulse should also increase the length of the knockbacks by 1 meter for each point.
* Holy Conquest's bonus holy damage on the Devotional Prayer spell will now properly affect teammates.
* Channeling spells now use correct amount of mana per tick. Players should no longer be able to cancel spells early and recast them for a reduced mana cost.

* Cripple and Cripple Enemies now have new icons.
* Flesh Ripper and Piercing Shot IV now have new icons.
* Leghold Trap should no longer ignore Root Immunity.
* Traps should not triggered by corpses anymore.

Tempest of Set
* Inner Charge will now properly remove its effect after casting Lightning Strike.
* Set's Life Spark will now wait until you are fully dead before trying to resurrect you.

* All Channeling spells now use mana, even if it is a small amount...
* The base Immunity chance on all players is now 5%.
* The base Immunity cap on all players is now 15%.
* Sidestep will now increase the player's Immunity Cap by 10%.
* You can no longer go into hiding while fighting a much lower level NPC.
* Fixed a bug where, if your current target went into hiding, you wouldn't be able to target him again when he reappeared unless you'd targeted something else in the meantime.
* Combat transitions for all characters dual-wielding any combination of weapons should now be smoother.
* Female polearm users who double tap should see a correct animation.
* Charge can no longer be used on non-alive targets.
* All weapons should now work correctly with the combos available to that weapon type. (ex. Guardian combo Slaughter).
* Combo timers are now adjusted to not time out when the server lags.
* The female charge animation has been corrected to not throw the female backwards anymore.

* When shift-clicking a character name in chat, information about that player will be shown in yellow in the same window you clicked in.
* Players should no longer see duplicated buff icons for some abilities on their clients.
* The modified damage multipler in various tooltips now shows up with percent values, as intended.
* Combo and spell tooltips should always display with gray text now.
* Maps updated for Tortage Island, Tortage Day, Tortage Night, and the volcano.
* You will now see an onscreen message when you cast a targeted spell without a target.
* Combos should now show more information about what they are doing. Also, the order in which this information is displayed has been changed.
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QA Tester

* Fixed some visual issues for player city buildings.

* Fixed an issue with tier 5 one handed edged weapons. These can now all be dual wielded.
* All vendor-bought resources purchased will appear in the "Bag" tab and not the "Resource" tab of the inventory.
* Sacrarial Cabochon Iolite will now give the proper invulnerability bonuses.
* Cotton and Cottonwisp can no longer be found on NPCs.
* Guardian tier armor wrist and gauntlet pieces will now give bonuses to polearm and 1h weapons.
* Fire and Glory spear is no longer tiny.
* Loot has been distributed to the new chests in Atzel's Fortress.
* Bloodsire Boots should no longer cause weird ankle animations.
* Dark Templar raid armor, such as Gauntlets of Baleful Blood, now only gives bonuses to 1h weapons.

* Mounting rhinos while having your weapons drawn should now work.

* Removed long range bows from NPCs.
* Npcs will not try to attack players that have left the playfield anymore.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Chief Uruk'A has dinged, and is now a higher level!
* (Imirian Ravine) Blade Champion Krol should now reset properly.
* (Imirian Ravine) Deatheater Setmorpok has had his name changed to Deatheater Setkanh.
* (Kheshatta) Scorpion Archers should now behave normally, and exit stealth when agroed.
* (Kheshatta) Selkhetite Archer spells damage has been changed, and has been nerfed to proper values. They should also no longer bypass damage deflection (Such as PoM Hand of Mitra)
* (Scorpion Cave) Scorpion Abomination should now regenerate health less frequently.
* (Tarantia Noble) Fading Black horses should now have animations.
* (Tarantia Noble) Aviton's pants are no longer clipping with his tunic.
* (Tarantia Noble) The Nemedian Archers have decided to use arrows again.
* The spell Sabazio's Constriction cast by the Blood Constrictors in the Sabazios encounter will now damage players as intended.
* Agroed deer should once again have animations while chasing you.
* Yetis have had their textures corrected.
* Gameplay in the Tarantia Noble Disctrict Villas has been updated.
* Bosses in the Main System are no longer mezzable.
* Har-Shebesh should no longer become passive in some rare situations.

Massive PVP
* You will no longer incorrectly learn a siege camp resurrection point when you are not in a guild.
* Ballistas will now properly despawn after a tower is destroyed.
* You can now attacking Siege Buildings with melee, spells, and siege weapons.
* Several collision fixes done for Battlekeep buildings.

* All members of a murderous group now receive the full penalty, instead of sharing it.
* Minigames - You will no longer be able to have different tier players in your team when your team joins a match.
* Minigames - Buffs for carrying the Skull have been renamed to 'Carrying Skull.'

Destiny Quest (Priest)
* Awakening II: Defend the townsfolk - Waymarker changed to an area waymarker so it's easier to spot.

Destiny Quest (Rogue)
* Awakening III: The Tortage Keep instance has been revamped slightly.
* Awakening III: Ulric should no longer sleep with his eyes open.

General Quest
* (Atzel's Approach) War Standard - Should have a slightly more interesting quest ending.
* (Atzel's Approach) Kidnapping and Torture - Added feedback when interacting with the last palisade.
* (Conarch Village) Rotten Molars - The drop rate on teeth has been changed. Now 2-4 teeth will drop per mob.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Flowers of the Snow - Corrected waypoint for returning to Nola.
* (Eiglophian Mountains) Rithrall will now speak to the player in the quest 'Convincing the Hunter'.
* (Field of the Dead) The Price of Treason - Quest item added.
* (Field of the Dead) The Rescue of Isobail II - Now has a more accurate waypoint.
* (Field of the Dead) The Curse of the Werewolves - Now has a larger area waypoint.
* (Kheshatta) Grim Grey God - Added animations for interacting with the sarcophagi and pedestals.
* (Kheshatta) "Heady Kaphil Liquor", "The Spice in the Sand", and "Anuket Spring Water" quests have had item respawn rates tweaked.
* (Kheshatta) The Abomination - Item rewards will now be given out correctly.
* (Khopshef) The Aberration - Hamadi should now patrol correctly at all times.
* (Khopshef ) The Dead Devotee of Derketo should no longer be selectable when you are not on the quest.
* (Khopshef) The Slave Rebellion - The cage key will now drop correctly.
* (Scorpion Cave) Quest "The Four Accursed Keys" has had it's goal coordinates set properly.
* (Tarantia Noble) Catus for the quest "Nobles of Tarantia" has been moved, and the quest coordinates updated.
* (Thunder River) Moonshine - An Empty Bottle will now be spawned in the player's quest inventory when starting the quest.
* (Thunder River) The Kitten - The bottle of milk now has an icon. Also, the cat now correctly patrols and eventually despawns
* (Villa Verde) The quest "Noble Valuables" has been changed. Vandal Despoilers will drop the loot bags now.
* (White Sands) Garden of Cursed Mysteries can no longer be completed outside the search area.

* Slotted gems should now appear in armor consistently, even after zoning.
* "Padparasha" gems have been renamed "Padparadscha".
* The tradeskill merchant Graehm in Lacheish will now sell Common Thread.
* Resource & Gathering: The chance to get rare resources from tier 1 and tier 2 resource nodes has been increased.
* Teardrop Amethyst now requires the correct gem, Flawless Amethyst.

* Atzel's Fortress has been re-textured and re-lit.
* (Poitain) Rocks near buildings can no longer be scaled.
* (Tarantia Noble) Several texture issues on buildings were corrected.
* (Tarantia Noble) The climbing point in Villa Amiel is now functional.
* (Tarantia Noble) It should no longer be possible to clip your camera through the wall in the Catacombs.
* (Tarantia Noble) Both Torches and Braziers have had their names fixed.
* (Tarantia Noble) Numerous collision fixes done here to improve movement through areas.
* (Tortage) The Seadog Mansion now has a proper roof.
* (Tortage) Added some fish in the ocean outside the beach.
* (Tortage) The Coastal Caves have been revamped to make it easier to find your way around.
* (Tortage) All ladders should be usable and work correctly.
* (Tortage Night) Players should no longer be able to climb outside the playfield.
* (Wild Lands) Fireplace flame effects should no longer be visible on house floors.
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« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2008, 11:58:40 AM »

W kiepskim tempie te patche poprawiają ważne sprawy. Nie słuchają graczy tylko robią poprawki według swojego widzimisie... Kiedy patch pvp? Ehh chyba po tym miesiącu robię przerwę od Conana na kilka miesięcy :( Szkoda bo giera naprawdę przypadła mi do gustu... Wrócę za kilka miesięcy na pewno jeśli oczywiście jeszcze ktoś w to będzie grał :(
Rajdy są super, fajni ludzie ale ciągłe crashe jak wczorajszy ze Szczurkiem i Franullą zabijają we mnie radość z gry.
« Reply #4 on: August 20, 2008, 08:28:40 PM »

W kiepskim tempie te patche poprawiają ważne sprawy. Nie słuchają graczy tylko robią poprawki według swojego widzimisie... Kiedy patch pvp? Ehh chyba po tym miesiącu robię przerwę od Conana na kilka miesięcy :( Szkoda bo giera naprawdę przypadła mi do gustu... Wrócę za kilka miesięcy na pewno jeśli oczywiście jeszcze ktoś w to będzie grał :(
Rajdy są super, fajni ludzie ale ciągłe crashe jak wczorajszy ze Szczurkiem i Franullą zabijają we mnie radość z gry.

Z przykrością muszę się z tym zgodzić... Mam takie same wrażenia i choć gierka jest zdecydowanie najlepszym MMO z jakim miałem do czynienia, a ja nie zdążyłem się z nią jeszcze dokładnie zapoznać nawet, to tempo jej łatania zaczyna wybitnie działać mi na nerwy... Również rozważam przerwę w graniu w AoC na pewien czas... Nie wiem czy będzie to miesiąc czy rok, to zależy od tego, jak Funcom się z update'ami upora...
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Zamir MATURA 1965 - Punkt G - fakt czy mit?

« Reply #5 on: August 21, 2008, 08:02:03 AM »

Wrzuccie na luz.. tak to jest z MMO  ;) Za jakieś pół roku będzie lepiej. Róbcie tak jak ja: grajcie altami i się nie śpieszcie z levelowaniem. AoC ma ogromny potencjał i jak sami zauwarzyliście jest jak na razie najlepszą grą MMO (z wyjątkiem Lotro  :D )
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Egatrot You are pure evil, and hate personified.

« Reply #6 on: August 21, 2008, 10:01:29 AM »

jak wrzuca capy na inv i znerfuja gemy jak na testlive to bedziemy ugotowani juz robaka nie stuknie sie tak latwo bo nie bedzie +60% inv na crushing. Inna sprawa ze ucierpi na tym ekonomia i wiele innych rzeczy bo nie bedzie sie oplacalo craftowac zbroji gemow i broni. Bylem cierpliwy ale zaczynaja przeginac
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« Reply #7 on: August 21, 2008, 02:58:01 PM »

Proponowane zmiany w gemach:
Oj będzie się działo, będzie. :)
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« Reply #8 on: August 21, 2008, 06:42:38 PM »

Devsi amatorzy nie przemyśleli gry i teraz właśnie się dzieje... Tylko zamiast dobrze sie dziać to jest jakaś kiszka... Naprawdę mam nadzieję że conan jeszcze będzie wielki za te kilka miesięcy
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El Commendante AoC

« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2008, 01:53:50 AM »

Chyba  FC lekko się wystraszył lub znowu robią ludzi w bambusa, licząc że ludzie przedłużą abonament o kolejny miesiąc.

Patch który miał być 27.08 został przeniesiony na  3.09.
Natomiast  patch  27.08 ma zawierać tylko :

Preliminary Patch Notes for August 27th Patch (Patch 1.5)
**These notes do not necessarily reflect the final version that will be deployed on Live**

* Basic Riding Skill price changed to 25s.
* Advanced Riding Skill changed to 50g.
* /guild should now always work after zoning.
* Assassin Epic Tier 3 chest piece no longer hides arm pieces, and texture clipping on shoulders has been fixed.

* Cannot charge a player/npc that is already charging someone else.
* The charge gameaction will now check if you are already charging, and will not start another charge until the first one is complete.

* Defending guild mercenaries can no longer gain points by killing attacking players.
* The Attacking guild will now properly get the siege camp resurrection point when the vulnerability window opens.
* Building points gained by mercenaries will be rewarded to attacking guild as intended in the first place.
* Can now attacking Siege Buildings with melee, spells, and siege weapons.
* Fixed a bug that kept Vulnerability Windows open outside their allotted time.
« Reply #10 on: September 16, 2008, 03:21:10 PM »

Czy od 26.08 nie było żadnego patcha? Nic nowego?
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